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14 October 2022

Nicosia, Cyprus (online)
(10:00 – 13:00UTC+3) | Past event

High quality of security for the citizen could be achieved by the use of standards in the defense sector

It is within CYS mission to improve quality of life for the country and the defense sector in a valuable integrated part.

Standardization promotion activities like webinars, lectures and conference presentation, insists in presenting messages in favor of quality improvement via standards use. In order to tackle the quality issue in the defense sector , CYS is organizing activities of this type together with other local stakeholders. 

A triangle model of cooperation between the NSB (CYS), the Defense Authority (Ministry & Armed Forces), as well as local industry (SME's mainly) enhances the production, adoption and implementation of standards as «The State of the Art», to safeguard quality for every task performed. 

Presentations and webinar

In order to stimulate the other two stakeholders, CYS decided to perform activities aiming to further strengthen the feeling of security in the society, organizes in particular the following events:

  1. Presentation to the Cyprus Defense & Security Conference.
  2. CYS Webinar to be organized on the 3rd of November 2021, Title: CYS EN 16341 Selection of standards and standard-like documents for defense products and services - Order of preference.
  3. Presentation in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense & Armed Forces «Innovation Day» regarding security and defense sector.



(10:00 – 13:00UTC+3)


Online (registration required)




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