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14 October 2022

Birkenhead, UK (PDF)
(10:00 – 12:00UTC+1) | Past event

We have decided to release our new guide today in light of World Standards Day on the 14th of October. 

Greyhound Chromatography supplies an extensive range of pre-prepared and custom made Certified Reference Standards and Materials from a number of leading manufacturers, including British Pharmacopoeia (BP), Cerilliant (a Sigma Aldrich Company), Chem Service Inc., Chiron, European Pharmacopoeia (EP), Extrasynthese, High Purity Standards, Honeywell (Fluka), Laradon, NIST, Merck ( Sigma Aldrich, Supelco) , Paragon Scientific, Pfaltz & Bauer, RTC (a Sigma Aldrich Company), United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), Wellington Laboratories.


(10:00 – 12:00UTC+1)



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Greyhound Chromatography Reference Standards Guide


Greyhound Chromatography


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