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14 October 2022

Selangor, Malaysia (online)
(18:00 – 19:30UTC+8) | Past event

AEI-EI Webinar Series on Standards & SDGs

Let our experts share their views on standards and SDGs in 3 free webinars on #WorldStandardsDay.

Efforts In ASEAN Electrical Installation Standardisation

By Ir. Yau Chau Fong

Standardisation of Electrical Installations in ASEAN Standardisation plays an important role to ensure human safety. In addition, standardization of electrical installations also boosts cross-border economic activities. The ASEAN region has a huge potential to be a global economy player with the estimation by World Bank that it will be the fourth largest economic zone by 2030. ASEAN is looking ahead for more cross-border economic activities be it in the form of trade as well as the mobility of professionals with engineers being no exception. One of the catalysts of enhancement of mobility of engineers is for standardisation to firmly take place in ASEAN.

Overview of UN SDGs and work of the IEC

By Mr. Vimal Mahendru

A brief background on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and why these are becoming key to global development. The speaker will then share steps taken by the UN to enable global communities to leverage technologies to fulfill their UN SDG targets through effective use of IEC platform for standardization and conformity assessment. He will conclude by sharing some examples and success stories of IEC work to enable SDGs.

Standards and Conformance on Electrical and Electronic Equipment in ASEAN

By Mr. Isagani Creencia Erna

With the elimination of tariffs in ASEAN, trade of products among the ASEAN Member States has been facilitated more than before and products costs are lesser with a variety of choices available to consumers. However, there are still non-tariff issues that are causing delays of the products reaching the market in ASEAN These non- tariff issues include different product specifications, regulations on safety and quality, and the existence of requirements including pre-market approval requirements.



(18:00 – 19:30UTC+8)


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