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14 October 2022

Australia (online)
1 – 14 October 2021 | Past event

The success of GS1 standards

The success of GS1 standards starts with the remarkable people who provide their time, passion and expertise to drive transformation within industry.

Our inaugural GS1 Australia Standards in Action Award, announced on #WorldStandardsDay recognises an individual who:

  • Actively promotes the development and use of GS1 standards within their organisation and industry 
  • As an agent of change, influencing the adoption of GS1 standards 
  • Displays outstanding supply chain innovation, vision and leadership
  • Leads and supports the global community in the adoption of GS1 standards
  • Contributes to the GS1 standards development process
  • Openly shares learnings and challenges with others in their GS1 standards implementation journey



1 – 14 October 2021


Online (Zoom required)




Open to everyone


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