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14 October 2021

Manama, Bahrain (online)
6 – 21 October 2021 | Past event

How the standardization processes support SDGs

The event is conducted throughout October and it is called “October of Standardization”. The event is covering number of SDGs Such as; 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 14 and 15 and how the standardization processes are supporting them. They will be covered briefly through virtual lectures by our national standardization stakeholders.

Moreover, the Gulf Standardization Organization GSO is going to conduct a regional training course "Roles of Standardization in Education" and BTMD offered 6 free seats to the decision makers in the higher education sector in Bahrain.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism represented by the Testing and Metrology directorate celebrates the world standards day 2021, where the events are entitled “October of standardization” were organized and generously sponsored by the Assistant Undersecretary for Domestic and Foreign Trade Sheikh Hamad bin Salman AlKhalifa.

The event focused on the role of standardization in supporting the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, and its role in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will review the processes and practices that Testing and Metrology directorate is working on developing and organizing in cooperation with the participating authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The events are going to be held in Arabic, except for the regional training course, which will be English.

The role of standardization in education

The fourth sustainable development goal revolves around the quality of education. Since the standardization works to provide best practices in various fields, it is in the interest of the Testing and Metrology directorate to develop the quality of education and to provide reference sources for scientific researches, the Testing and Metrology directorate has, since the beginning of 2019, organized awareness campaigns for the higher education sector, such as the University of Bahrain and Bahrain Polytechnic, where an event of World Standardization Day 2019 focused on the importance of standardization in Education, in coordination and cooperation with the University of Bahrain, with the participation of representatives of the Standardization Organization for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, the Gulf Accreditation Center, and a group of projects for graduates of public universities. At the Bahrain Polytechnic (Bahrain Polytechnic), projects were demonstrated the importance of relying on standards as a basic reference for curricula and to demonstrate best practices for students and their evaluation based on the extent to which their graduation projects conform to standards.

In continuation to the previous efforts that were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, international and regional organizations were contacted to organize a training program be held virtually organized by Bahrain Testing and Metrology directorate and GSO training center to coincide with this year’s world standards Day 2021 to show the role of standardization in the educational sector. With the call of decision-makers in the higher education sector, to promote standards and the importance of relying on them and their impact on the quality of education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Six seats are allocated to the decision makers in the educational sectors to enforce changes where applicable. While the public can participate with the cost of 320 CHF via the following link (In English):

Energy Efficiency

The Testing and Metrology directorate works with its partners in the Kingdom of Bahrain, such as the Electricity and Water Authority, the University of Bahrain and the Sustainable Energy Authority, in developing standards in the field of increasing the energy efficiency and support the seventh sustainable development goal "cheap clean energy". By working with their partners in the Gulf Standardization Organization in several working groups for preparing GSO Standards for energy efficiency for electrical products, the Kingdom of Bahrain chaired three Gulf energy efficiency working groups for high-capacity air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and washing machines. The Kingdom of Bahrain is also working to monitor local markets to ensure that electrical appliances comply with national regulations and provide mandatory energy efficiency labels and the Gulf Conformity Badge.

The Testing and Metrology directorate presents an awareness segment in October of Standardization on the world Standards Day 2021 to show the directorate’s role in implementing national and Gulf regulations at border crossings and local markets aiming to minimizing energy consumption.

The environment

The Testing and Metrology Directorate and the Supreme Council of Environment played a fundamental and essential role in issuing the national technical regulation for regulating the import and circulation of plastic bags to be limited to biodegradable plastic bags. The administration also worked in 2021 to issue a technical regulation that prohibits the manufacture and import of plastic water bottles of less than 200 ml. Which shows the role of the directorate in supporting sustainable development goals 13, 14 and 15 "Environment and Wildlife in Water and Land".

The Supreme Council of Environment will present a paper on the role of standards in supporting these goals in the October of standardization activities, where the mentioned regulations were addressed with the issue of waste management, which aims to preserve the environment.

Integrity in trading and Economic growth

The Testing and Metrology directorate works to guarantee the rights of the trader and the consumer, by ensuring the correct reading of the scales in the local markets by observing the markets and providing a verification label for all the scales used in the local markets, which is issued and renewed by the National Measurement Laboratory free of charge, after conducting internationally approved examinations. To ensure the accuracy of the tests and readings by the National Measurement Laboratory, the National Measurement Laboratory worked to obtain international accreditation for its conformity with the international standard ISO 17025 for standards for the accreditation of laboratories efficiency, and it obtained this accreditation, which makes its readings internationally accredited. T

he Department’s Precious Metals testing and hallmark Department also works a series of tests on gold and silver used in the markets in the directorate’s laboratories and is hallmarked before landing in the Bahraini gold market to ensure integrity and economic growth in the Kingdom of Bahrain. An awareness slot in the month of standardization will be presented to show the role of the directorate in supporting the eighth sustainable development goal, "honest work and economic growth”. Moreover, the standards are concerned with business development sector as it works to determine the criteria for the approval of the quality of operations, through the ISO 9001 standard, as well as many standards in various fields such as business continuity management system during crises ISO 22301 which will be presented within the activities of the World Standards Day 2021.

Health and wellbeing

National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) established a national technical committee for standards of medical devices and supplies, and also participated in coordination with the testing and metrology directorate as an expert body in the International Standardization Organization ISO. NHRA worked at the regional level with the Testing and Metrology Directorate in the Gulf Technical Committee for Medical Devices and Supplies standards. During the pandemic, focus was placed on the international standards for classifying the types of medical face masks and their ability to block minute objects, as well as the standards for acceptance tests of medical gloves, their potential for elongation before rupture, their protection for hands and the method of classifying their sizes.

The presence of these standards facilitated the task of knowing the type of masks suitable for protection against the Corona virus and the types of gloves as well. Thus, the technical work of the Testing and Metrology directorate in the fields of medical devices and supplies supported the third sustainable development goal related to well-being and health. The representative of the National Health Authority Regulatory (NHRA) will present a slot on the role of standards in supporting the third sustainable development goal and the role of standards in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.



6 – 21 October 2021




Arabic (English for training course)


Open to all




Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism BSMD


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